Cashual Dress Long H169

The model is sowed of vintage Indian saree silk and is a one-of-a-kind style. Every saree is carefully picked out, into Cofur’s collection, and some of the saree has embroidery and tie dye effect, to give the style a more sophisticated and organic look. We draw attention to the fact, that COFUR styles is fabricated of pre-loved silk, so you can expect minimal spots and thread extractions. Earlier the saree silk was being used by Indian woman, which means there will be traces of use from the life, that the saree had in India before the silk was sowed into an upcycled style, and we hope that you will love your new COFUR silk style and have respect for the history. The specified sized is an estimate, because we use different suppliers in India, so there can be minor adjustments to the stated sized.

The Cashual Dress is a beautiful dress with a slit under the chest, that gives a beautiful silhouette. The dress has pockets in the sides.

Length 125cm.

Chest measurement 50cm.

kr. 1.199,00


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