Visit us here, and see our beautiful sustainable universe.


Are you already a distributor of our products?

Or do you want to sell sustainable unika products from COFUR Denmark?

If so, we can offer a tailored solution, where you can explore our sustainable design universe. Our primary showroom is located in Silkeborg, and is being updated regularly, so you at every visit, can see the newest and most popular styles. 


Here is all the information for the fairs we are going to in the near future.

Modefabriek, Amsterdam – 7-8 July

Fashn Rooms, Düsseldorf – 27-29 July

Ciff, København – 7-9 August

Maison Et Objet, Paris – 5-9 September

Whos Next, Paris – 8-10 September


We welcome you to our surroundings in the heart of Silkeborg, where you can see, feel and try the fantastic quality of the silk. We are in our showroom located in Silkeborg everyday.

Feel free to contact us before your visit, so that we can make sure the showroom is booked for you.


Cofur Denmark • Søndergade 2B • 8600 Silkeborg • Denmark

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